About us

Our organization is based on both a professional operation and a professional relation with our customers.

Hereby you will find our vision and mission in order to clarify our intentions to you.

In order to emphasize our professionalism, we will also give an overview of our trainers.

Furthermore you will get a list of our references in order to give you an idea at which locations and at which occasions we allready have exposed our knowledge and skills.

Finally, you can join us for a moment back in time and discover how Progress Sports has been initiated and how it has evolved ever since.

Vision and Mission

Professional organisation

Progress Sports npa wants to bring sports, and especially football, closer to a larger public. Therefore we apply various projects and activities.
Strengthening and professionalizing youth football, and the associated youth football formation, by providing additional training academies and sports camps, is one of these. Furthermore, there are our many clinics, events and competition game visits, all organized in a professional way by Progress Sports.

Moreover we prove our name of npo and at the end of each year we donate different possibilities such as sporting goods, expertise in the form of free coaching clinics and/or financial support to poor countries. In this way we contribute our bit, to a global better (sporting) world!

The beginning
Progress Sports npa derives its name from the English language where it stands for progress and improvement; in this case in sports.

Soccer Camps and academies are a major asset in our organization. During all school holidays and at various locations at home or abroad, soccer camps are being organized. Each camp offers numerous training opportunities, sports and games activities, many extras, surprises, closing happenings etc. .. Definitely a “must” for every youth player! Soccer Academies will remain, together with our soccer camps, the core activities in our organization. Football remains the most popular sport in the world and here we wish to contribute our share. At our football academies only one thing counts : practice makes perfect! Which is why we rely also for our academies on qualified and experienced trainers in order to offer your child the very best of the best.

Other sports like dance, swimming, hockey and golf are an equal part of our organization that only focuses on other sports outside of football, our core business. For this, we employ, just like for our football projects, professional and qualified teachers, in order for your child to make progress in a short time. Personal Coaching is one of those other sports and it means a constant professional guidance tailored to the athlete’s needs. Each athlete will be guided at his/her home by a teacher / trainer with the appropriate qualifications and/or experience. Our instructors are carefully screened in advance so that we can deliver an optimal service to you, our customers. Strength training for professional or amateur athletes, but also weight loss are possible within our personal coaching. It is also possible to have several people coached at the same time. No more need to walk out your door and to be waiting for available exercising equipment. Because of this professionalism you will not only be saving time but also money and you will see yourself making progress in a short time! Furthermore you can book your basketball, dance, omnisports camp here.

Groups & Companies provides the ability to have your group trip organized by us, to be sure everything proceeds professionally. Team Training Stages at home or abroad, group excursions combined with competition games visits. For companies we can use our team of professionals providing corporate sports days, tailored to your budget and your needs. This can range from initiations in sports to a fully developed outdoor survival day. Everything can be customized to your needs.

Research is an important part of our organization. New training techniques, innovative ideas in the sports business, creative and innovative applications and / or coaching skills, … We are always looking to improve these to your advantage.

Events & Clinics stands for the organization and presentation of new events and training days (clinics) for sports trainers. For this we do not only rely on domestic top trainers and/or top athletes, but we dare even to go across national borders to guide sports coaches, youth trainers, parents, youth coordinators, etc in their constant quest for improvement and progress.


As a former Belgian top 10 swimmer and avid supporter of various sports, it was for our chairman, founder of non profit organization Progress Sports , an obvious choice to start off his higher education in sports science, namely Bachelor of Physical Education. His general interest in sports being a solid basis and given his formation and education, he started to give swimming lessons at various sports organizations and sports services in Belgium and later on, he self organized private swimming lessons.

After his “career” as a swimmer a new era opened up, football. Meanwhile, he played for various clubs at both national and regional level, but also the trainer bug had already caught him. Through his formation and education and his interest in football, he started as a technique coach at various first and second division teams. Nowadays he obtaines a UEFA A Elite Youth license and his footbal activities brought him already to Spain, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland and teaching at the Belgian Football Association.

Still another idea kept lurking in his mind : to help educating and forming kids and youngsters to football players. From there the idea emerged to open football schools and to organize football camps. But he did not limitate his activities to only football. Dance, basketball, multisport, private swimming lessons, … everything which had to do with sports and which offered a surplus to children and to young people is being considerated and, when necessary, organized.

Yet a new thought came up: “Why try to educate children properly, without offering good quality formation opportunities to their coaches?” And so the idea arose of organizing clinics and the continuing coaching education activities.

The future is still full of surprises, nobody knows yet what novelties may arise next year in our beautifull organization?

We hope to welcome you soon!

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