1.1. By surfing this website, reading its documents, downloading its files, by consulting or using these, or parts of these, in whatever means possible, the user professes his agreement with the conditions and terms below and commits to respecting them. Only these terms and conditions apply, excluding any other.
2.1. This current website is being exploited by Progress Sports NPA, registered office of which is established at Reiten 24, B-2440 GEEL, business registration number BE 0828.071.281 and in this disclaimer always called Progress Sports.
2.2. All rights and claims stipulated in these general terms and conditions for Progress Sports. are also being stipulated for any third parties invoked as such by Progress Sports.

3.1. This current website can be accessed with contemporary computers with current software installed (browser, operating system, etc.). Progress Sports. does not guarantee, nevertheless, any compatibility and therefore cannot be held liable by no means in case, for whatever reason, (any part of) this current website cannot be consulted and/or used.

3.2. This current website is for informative use only. You are entitled to consult this website and its content for personal use only. Any commercial use f this website is strictly prohibited. ‘Commercial use’ includes amongst other things, but not limited to only, A. vending or renting 1. the various functionalities of the website or 2. memberships or registrations on the website, or B. using the website or its parts with the only aim to generate advertisement and/or subscription receipts, or C. more in general organizing unfair competition or committing acts alien to honest commercial uses regarding to Progress Sports. and/or its website. (this is not a limited list of prohibitions)

3.3. It is strictly forbidden, in any way whatsoever and by whatever technical means, to gain access to parts of the website that are not publicly posted online. It is also strictly prohibited to modify the existing web site, to apply adjustments, to add and / or remove content, in whatever way and/or with whatever technical means.
3.4. You agree not to take any act, irrespective of the technical resources, that may affect at any time the proper functioning of the existing website in any way.
3.5. It is forbidden to apply any (automatic) system, including but not limited to “robots,” “spiders,” “offline readers,” etc., with the intent to create an access to the website in such a way that more messages are sent to the website than achievable by any person in a normal (manual) operation and using a normal web browser. Under “messages” should be understood : questions and requests, responses and participations at contests, voting, every interaction with another user of the Website, etc., even if you hereby were to be responding to a request formulated on the website (such as a participation to a contest).
Progress Sports does allow to public search engines to run through the content of the website using “spiders”, etc. with the sole purpose to make the access and the content of the website available through their search engines, this however without Progress Sports granting the right to archive the content of the website. Progress Sports reserves the right to withdraw the admission and the access, as stated in this paragraph, at any time.

3.6. For the access or the use of certain parts of this website, you need to register, to create a log-in and/or membership. Herefor you must fill in correct data. Keep your log-in and password secret and do not share them with any third party. In accordance with art. 5.1. below, any member or registered user has his/her own responsibility for his/her registration or membership and for potential abuses or damage that would result therefrom. Progress Sports can not be held liable for any improper use of your registration or membership, your log-in and/or your password.

4.1. The concept, the content, the layout, the structure, the source codes, the software, the images, the pictures, the animations, the audiovisual works, the texts, the data, the music and all other components of this current website are and remain Progress Sport’s exclusive property and are protected by various intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark, sui generis right of the producer of a database, etc.), which you acknowledge and accept.
4.2. The total or partial reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, modification and/or use, under whatever form and by any means, of this website and its contents is strictly prohibited. The storage of any information and / or part of this website in a (electronic) database or otherwise is not allowed, except for the caching of information by the browser.

4.3. By posting data, texts, graphics and/or other files online, you automatically grant the exclusive and royalty-free permission to Progress Sports to reproduce, to communicate and/or to use otherwise the content of your post, both on this website as in one or more magazines or products which are issued by Progress Sports vzw.

5.1. General
The access and use, of whatever kind and through whatever technical means, of this current website is at any time under your own responsibility. Progress Sports cannot be held liable, broadly speaking, regarding to the user and/or to third parties for by the latter suffered damage of any kind (direct, indirect, consequential, etc.), profit loss, loss of data, loss of an opportunity or for any other damage caused by negligence or omissions in the redaction, operation and presentation of this website, including all its parts and/or the potential damage to the user and/or the third party.

5.2. Accessibility
Progress Sports vzw applies its best resources to ensure that this website is accessible at any time for a normal quantity of users. Progress Sports has the right at any time however to suspend or to stop this website, entirely or partially, even without prior warning. Progress Sports cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage of any kind that would be suffered due to suspension, interruptions, (technical) problems, delays, difficult accessibility, inaccessibility and/or termination of (a part of) the existing website.
5.3. Data
Progress Sports applies its best resources to ensure that the information and documents that are part of this Website are complete, accurate and current. Errors or omissions and/or outdated data can never be excluded and therefore Progress Sports cannot give any guarantee in this regard. Progress Sports cannot be held liable in case of damage and/or loss of any kind which would result from the use, access and/or downloading of any part of the current site. Progress Sports cannot be held liable for any damage of any kind which may arise from decisions you might make on the basis of any data and/or information on the current site. Progress Sports has the right to modify the information or data published on the website at any time.

5.4. Links
This current site may contain links to other sites. If these sites are not under the control of Progress Sports, they are not necessarily recommended nor approved by Progress Sports. Progress Sports does not investigate in this case whether the content of these sites change. It is therefore up to you to decide for yourself whether it is appropriate to visit those sites. Progress Sports can not be held responsible for the content nor for the functioning of external sites nor for any adverse effects that may result from the consultation and/or use of such sites in any manner whatsoever .
5.5. Virus
Although Progress Sports applies its best resources to keep the existing website protected and free of bugs, viruses, trojans and spyware, it can not be excluded that this would still occur. Progress Sports can in no way be held liable for any resulting injury and/or loss. Progress Sports strongly encourages you to always have the necessary firewall, antivirus and other protective software installed in order to prevent potential damage to your computer. If you were to notice the presence of one of the above mentioned elements in the current website we invite you to notify the webmaster so that appropriate action can be taken.
5.6. Data traffic
Sending certain data such as e-mail adressess, personal data, credit card numbers,… is always at your own risk. Progress Sports apllies its best resources to ensure that the transfer of these data happens in a secure manner, but can not be held liable for any damage that may result from the loss of certain data and/or the interception of such data by any third party. Progress Sports strongly recommends you to install the relevant software to always deal very cautiously with the use and communication of your personal data.
5.7. Messages
This Website may contain various kinds of messages (posts, tips, links, messages, ads, comments, communications, discussions forums, chats, etc.) of third parties. Progress Sports reserves the right to suspend and to terminate those services immediately and without prior notice, completely or partially. Progress Sports can not be held liable for any losses that might arise.
Since these messages come from third parties, Progress Sports can in no way be held responsible for any damage that may arise, nor for any errors in its content. All texts, data, photos, videos, messages or other materials posted in these messages are the sole responsibility of the person from whom the data result. If you were to post a message of any kind, or any other form of information, data and/or opinions on this website, you agree to only post information (images, photos ,…) that do not conflict with the intellectual rights of third parties (copyright, right of image ,…), nor with the standards and morals, nor with any other statutory provision. You emphatically indemnify Sports Progress from any charge or claim from any third party being the result of the content of what you posted on this site.
6.1. Personal data : in general
On this website personal data are being stored. These data are managed by our company. When you visit our website we store:
Your domain name (IP address) when you visit our web pages;
your e-mail address if you communicate it to us and if you give us your approval for it to be stored, via opt-in ‘;
All information regarding the pages you’ve visited on our site;
All the information you have supplied voluntarily (e.g. research information and/or site registration).
This information is used:
to improve the content of our website
to be able to contact you for direct marketing purposes.
The website uses ‘cookies’, which are small pieces of information which are sent by this website to your browser in order to identify returning users and which are, for this purpose, being written on the user’s hard disk. This stops you from continually having to identify yourself (through your login and password) in order to be able to use certain services. Progress Sports reserves the right to use these cookies in order to offer you a personalized version of the current site.
If you want to delete these cookies, do consult the instructions of your browser to consult. You are free to turn off this option in your browser. It may be possible that in this case some parts of this website can not, or only partially, be consulted and/or used. Whenever you visit a site with this logo, information about the pages that you visit (number of page requests, visits, visitor, …)is being stored by CIM, the Centre for Information on the Media, using a cookie. This information is only collected for statistical purposes and does not in any case allows to identify you. More information and the results of this study can be found at http://www.cim.be.
Some information is also collected in so-called “log files”, which allows Progress Sports to analyze traffic to this website, as well as the profile of users of this website. Progress Sports reserves the right to communicate this information to third parties.
6.2. Safety
When we receive your information or transfer it tothe website, we always use encryption technologies that are recognized as standard within the IT sector. We have incorporated appropriate security measures to avoid loss, misuse or conversion of information that we receive on our website. If we receive or transfer sensitive information such as financial information, we use a secure server. If we transfer data to third parties with whom we have contractual relationships (such as online payment parties), these parties have to take, under the contract terms, sufficient security measures.

6.3. About communication by post
If you send us your postal address via the web address, your data will be included in the mailing list of Progress Sports in order respond to your request and to send you information about our products. Your data may also be passed to third parties (such as commercial partners) for direct marketing purposes unless you oppose. If you do not want your information to be used for direct marketing purposes, you can indicate this when registering on the website. You can always consult, correct or delete your data in the file of Progress Sports. Please ,this case being, contact us at the address below. In the latter case do not forget to give us your exact name and address (spelled correctly). We commit ourselves to delete your data from the list that we commonly use with other companies/organizations.
6.4. About communication through the phone
If you give us your telephone/mobile number via the website, you can be contacted by phone : by our company with regard to information about our products and services or about upcoming events; by other commercial partners with whom we are contractually associated .
If you do not/no longer wish to receive such calls, please contact us at the address below. In the latter case, do not forget to give us your exact name and address (spelled correctly).
6.5. About communication through e-mail
If you email us your web address, you can be contacted via email by our company with regard to information about our products and services or about upcoming events (for direct marketing purposes.) If you have given your explicit permission or if you already have a customer account with us ánd you have communicated us your e-mail address, you can receive e-mails for direct marketing purposes from other commercial partners with whom we are contractually associated .
If you no longer wish to receive such e-mails, you can unsubscribe on the relevant types of e-mail or contact us at the address below stating your name and wishes.
6.6. How to contact us regarding our privacy policy?
Our company may use consumer information for new purposes that are not yet included in our “privacy policy”. In that case we will contact you, before using your data for these new purposes, to notify you of changes to our regulations for the protection of personal data and to give you the opportunity to refuse your participation. Upon request we provide acces to visitors of our website to all their personal information and we offer them the opportunity to correct possible incorrect personal information.

7.1. Ads
The ads appearing on this website are always the work of third parties except for the ads for Progress Sports’ own product. Progress Sports can not be held liable for the legality, accuracy, supply, content, operation and/or quality of products and services offered by third parties.

7.2. Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks and/or deep links to the current site are only allowed after obtaining the written consent of Progress Sports. In any case, after you have obtained permission, every link always needs to refer to the home page of the current website.
7.4. Spam
Progress Sports does not send spam. When you receive an e-mail or a newsletter from Progress Sports, it always is a response from your question or request. If maybe you did receive unwanted e-mails from Progress Sports, please do notify us and we will take steps as soon as possible to ensure that you no longer receive e-mails. Or you can always unsubscribe from such newsletter.

7.5. Contests
For all contests, in addition to this disclaimer, the general contest rules apply, which you can find here, unless specific contest rules are provided, those always given precedence over the general contest rules.

8.1. Invalidity
This disclaimer is divisible. Therefore the invalidity of any provision of the disclaimer does not affect in any way the validity of other provisions. If any part of this disclaimer states as overly broad, the provision will be enforceable, notwithstanding this fact, to the maximum allowed by law. If any part of this disclaimer is regarded as completely invalid, Progress Sports will replace it with a provision which approaches as closely as possible the economic effect of the invalidated provision.
8.2. Jurisdiction
Any dispute of any kind that would result from the consultation and/or use of the current website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Judicial District of Antwerp.

8.3. Applicable law
Only Belgian law is applicable.

8.4. Disclaimer
This disclaimer may, without prior notice, be adjusted, according to legislative changes. You are therefore requested to regularly verify whether and , the case being, which, changes were made. Changes apply as soon as they are communicated through the website.

8.5. Questions
For all questions regarding current disclaimer you can always send an e-mail to the webmaster or write to Progress Sports.

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